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for all ages "Do you know what programming is?"

The workshop was held in the Sala Polivalent de Tavascan and the session was intended to be divided into 1 hour and a half with a presentation of all the people and the association, a short theoretical explanation on some basic notions of programming, an implementation of these notions with the activity "The labyrinth of automata", a self-evaluation and a closing with conclusions. However, what was to be an open workshop ended up becoming a team building! Unfortunately, no participant showed up and it was decided to put into practice the activity “The labyrinth of automata”. However, the enthusiasm and desire to continue organizing this workshop remain!

Do you want to know a little more about "The labyrinth of automata" The objective of "The Labyrinth of the Automata" is to be able to program the automaton efficiently so that it can get out of the labyrinth and so that it can execute some orders within it. Its educational objectives are to understand in a generic way what programming is, to be able to write and read code, to work in a team, to respect space and to work on concentration. To delimit the dynamics there are 4 rules: - The only way for the programmer to communicate with the automaton is by executing the code - Every time you want to make a modification to the PLC code, it must execute it and start the tour again - The programmer will be able to read the code aloud so that the automaton can execute it - The use of the language provided in the letters will be the only valid one that the programmer will have to communicate with the automaton The necessary material to carry out the activity is: - Tape to create the maze on the ground and delimit the number of steps - Laminated cards with Scratch language adaptation - Whiteboard markers

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