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Guillermo Blasco on what it is to design software systems

During his tour, he has detected the need to learn to design software systems and in the first episode of Compiling with he explains what it means to him to design software systems, what role it plays with programming, where to learn and makes a brief recommendation for all those interested in learning to design software systems.

Alba Fernández

Tuesday, October 12th, 2021 at 5:31:58 PM

Mathematician, computer engineer and trainer. Guillermo Blasco studied the double degree in Computer Science and Computer Engineering at the University of Barcelona. Among his work experiences we find that he has worked as a teacher at different universities, has headed the Technical Department of some start-ups, has launched himself as a teacher and director of a programming Bootcamp and, currently, has decided to start his personal projects by opening the Mankind Technologies consultant and being one of the founding persons of the La Compiladora Association.

As you can see in the First Episode, Guillermo Blasco defines the design of software systems as "the organization and the relationship that these parts of the system have and also the responsibilities of each one." He considers that it is a skill and a responsibility compatible with programming and that it helps to develop better software. In the same way, it sees active learning based on practice as essential and considers involvement in decision-making as essential, being informed of what the parts of the system are, what purpose they have and why these technologies are used.