Who we are?

We are an independent non-profit association born in 2021 with the idea of ​​defending and establishing ethical values ​​in the world of software development through the promotion and execution of training for professionals in the sector and different areas of society.

Our mission

Promote equality, inclusion, awareness, participation and responsibility in the world of software development from the creation of educational resources for different spaces and entities. We create training programs that promote inclusion based on gender, race and age reasons and dysfunctional and psychosocial factors around the stimulation of the software developer profession in:

Schools, institutes and training centers

We organize workshops and resources to promote an inclusive vocation in children and adolescents.


We offer training courses for companies and technical departments that stimulate and establish the egalitarian concept within the profession.

Associations for people with functional diversity

We bring the world of software development closer to people with disabilities and train professionals in a more inclusive development.

Associations in defense of social and labor rights

We provide training to people at risk of social exclusion and job placement.

Our values

Equality and Inclusion

We defend and disseminate equality and inclusion as a guarantee of equal and non-discriminatory treatment for reasons of gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, race, culture, religious belief, age, functional disability or psychosocial condition within the world of development of software.


We promote awareness of the impact on society defending that new professions have an ethical code that includes values ​​of responsible coexistence.


We encourage the participation of all people and groups that want to be part of the improvement of the world of software development.


We ensure the public, truthful and transparent promotion of the results obtained and the activities carried out.

Our vision

Be part of a set of actions to establish ethical values ​​in society around the growing world of software development based on equality and inclusion.

The team

Eudald Arranz Tresserra

Presidente @La Compiladora

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Raquel Rius Casado

Vicepresidenta @La Compiladora

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Guillermo Blasco Jiménez

Tesorero @La Compiladora

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Alba Fernández Foradada

Secretaria @La Compiladora

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